Specialized Services

In addition to providing professional real estate services for buyers and sellers, I also offer the following services:

Brokers Price Opinion (BPO)

A BPO is an analysis of the current market and, while it takes into consideration a history-based analysis, it also considers the current competition and makes an estimate of the probable sales price.

CPA’s and estate planning attorneys will typically order a BPO from a real estate professional when they are helping families with estate planning and trusts, in order to establish the current market value of a property.  Estate attorneys will also order a BPO when they are settling a will or trust.  They are establishing the current market value when a property has been left to a relative, especially a spouse, so they can establish the “stepped up value”.

Courts settling estates for those who passed away without a will generally accept a BPO to establish a value of the estate.  They use the BPO to make determinations on distributing estates particularly when beneficiaries are making claims regarding properties.

In addition, a majority of lenders will use BPOs to establish a value when dealing with homes in default, lines of credit secured by real property, and determining whether or not to approve a short sale.

If you are in need of a BPO please call me directly or email me at bobsellsaz@gmail.com

Real Estate Transactions for Divorcing Couples

Determining the disposition of a jointly owned home and/or arranging for the purchase of another home can be especially stressful for divorcing couples.  I understand the frustration, emotions, and financial stress involved at this difficult time and work with divorcing couples to make these transactions as smooth as possible.  It is important that both parties understand the intricacies and financial, legal, and long-term ramifications associated with a property settlement involving a marital home. Read more about this service here.

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