Reasons to buy a New Built Home

When considering the purchase of a home, you should give a good, hard look at newly built (new build) homes.  There are many advantages to buying a new build home.  Here are a few you consider when making your decision:

No repairs or hidden surprises

New homes are move-in ready from day one.  This means you can unpack and start enjoying your new home right away, without having to worry about unexpected repairs or hidden defects.

You choose the floor plan and layout that meets your needs

There are few things more exciting than planning your new home.  When you buy a new build home, you get to be involved in the design process unlike purchasing a resale home.

First, you get to select the elevation (exterior design) of the home.  Most builders offer up to 3 different elevations of the same floor plan.  Each is priced a bit differently.

Next, you get to select floor plan options.  These frequently include choices such as a separate bathtub and shower or a shower/but combination, or simply a large walk-in shower.  An optional 3rd or 4th bedroom.  A side exit door from your garage (very useful, by the way).  Some builders offer flexible floor plans which allow you to customize your design further.

Best of all, your new home comes with a builder’s warranty.  These can vary from one to ten years.

You get to pick your lot

It’s been said that real estate is all about location, location, location.  But when picking your lot in a new home subdivision, it’s about location within the location.  For example, let’s say the development you are interested in has major roads running along its north and west side.  In this case, the preferred location would be closer to the southeast area, placing your home further away from the busy streets’ noise.  A cul-de-sac lot is preferable because they tend to be larger lots, frequently pie-shaped, and experience less traffic, making them better for families with small children.

The lot location will also dictate your home’s orientation, whether it is an east-west facing home or a north-south facing home (preferable here in the desert).


New home builders often offer incentives to encourage you to purchase from them.  These incentives can include a certain amount of money to use at the design center, assistance with closing cost, and the like.  These incentives are often only available when you use the builders preferred lender; however, that is not always the case.

Energy Efficiency

Today’s new homes can be up to 40% more energy-efficient than those built in the last 5 to 10 years and far more so than those built 20 years ago.  Today’s new homes can include double or triple pane windows, energy-efficient air conditioning units, spray in wall insulation, attic radiant barriers, and more.

Latest Technology built in

A new home offers you the ability to live in the home of the future.  With mobile app-enabled systems, you can lock and unlock your doors, adjust your thermostat, turn lights on and off, make sure your garage door is closed, and view live camera feeds from inside and outside your home, all from your mobile phone or device.

Personalize your home

Along with choosing your floor plan, you also get to select your paint colors, cabinets, countertops, fixtures, and floor coverings to match your personal style and preference.  This is both costly and time-consuming to accomplish in a resale home.  And, again, this makes your new home move-in ready from day one.


Everything in your new home is brand new, never used.  That alone gives peace of mind knowing the carpet is truly clean, the appliances function at peak performance, and if something does go wrong, it’s covered by a warranty.  This is much better than purchasing a home warranty on a resale home.

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